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Futura Shop is a flexible, bespoke online shopping
system offering high performance and sophisticated functionality
in a low-maintenance, user-friendly application.

The Futura Shop has been designed and built by Futura Interactive, a London based new media design agency, as a personalised, superior spec, low-cost alternative to existing off-the-shelf shopping cart packages.

The shop couples advanced functionality and management features, with a fast, fun and user-friendly shopping experience for its customers. Highly flexible, it offers limitless capabilities in terms of the type, range and turnover of products it is capable of selling.

Its particular forte is its highly comprehensive web-based back office administration system which enables the complete management of stock, orders and the shop's structure and appearance simply and effectively, in-house, without the prerequisite of html or publishing skills.

Futura Shop uses WorldPay, a separate and secure payment processing facility, to process all credit and debit card transactions preventing the need for your own secure server facility or a separate internet trading account.

The Futura Shop can be fully integrated both technically and aesthetically, so that it blends seamlessly with the look, feel and structure of your existing website and company image and can be individually customised to support your own specific trading requirements. Alternatively, the software can be used as an entirely separate, stand-alone shop if preferred.
Advanced functionality and management features
Fast, fun and straight-forward user experience
Sophisticated and dynamic look and feel
Flexible, adapt to your specific requirements
Seamless integration into existing website
Comprehensive web-based back office administration system
Separate and secure third party payment processing facility
'Lightbox' shopping basket system
Automated delivery calculation
Automated emails to customer upon order placement
Manage shop structure and appearance
Quick and easy stock management
View and manage sales records
Manage users & set access levels
Shop Management / Look & Feel
Manage the content and layout of the dynamic menu and featured product lines on the home page and category pages.
Determine the layout of featured categories, product lines and products on each page.
Select and instantly upload specific images for banners and featured product lines as well as individual product images.
Choose type and header colours for featured categories and product lines.
Stock Management
Quick and easy stock management allows for rapid, large scale turnover of products.
Capable of displaying a vast number and range of products.
Create, edit, delete, hide categories, sub-categories, product lines and products, as well as marking items as sold.
Place the same product in multiple categories or product lines
Associate attributes to a particular product type, (e.g. sizes, colours etc.)
Determine delivery based on a given template (i.e. Royal Mail charges), to automatically calculate the delivery charge for each product depending on its weight and destination country.
Attach hidden notes and search engine meta tags to each product.
Order Management
Provides complete records of all sales, displaying:
Product details
Contact details
Billing / delivery details
Ability to manage order records - archive fulfilled sales, mark transactions as refunds or partial refunds.
Create printable customer sales receipts from these records
Search on all or specific order types, between particular dates - i.e. all New Sales for May.
An automated confirmation email is sent to the customer from your site immediately after a transaction has been processed (this is in addition to the automated response email also sent by WorldPay).
User Privileges
Holds information about administrative users and their actions, to determine when products were created, updated or deleted and by whom.
Admin user records are linked to a user privileges table where the level of access each user is permitted can be set for specific shop areas or for particular actions.
Sophisticated and dynamic look and feel.
Fast, fun and straight-forward user experience.
Safe and secure, utilising an internationally trusted third party payment processing facility.
Accepts multiple currencies and all major credit and debit cards, to reach and appeal to a broad, global customer base.
Shopping basket is constantly viewable as a scrollable 'lightbox' at the bottom of the page, which can also be hidden if preferred.
Accepts multiple currencies and all major credit and debit cards, to reach and appeal to a broad, global customer base.
Shop browsing made easy via the comprehensive dynamic menu system.
Potential to add a keyword search in order to search for specific product types or product codes.
Top level pages display featured product lines to promote specific items.
Customer receives an automated confirmation email from WorldPay & from your own site, once their order has been processed.
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 If you are interested learning more about the Futura Shop, please contact:

 Joe Probert
 Futura Interactive
 7-9 North Parade Buildings
 BA1 1HZ

 t: +44 (0)1225 321 745
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